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          • Conference on College Student Development and Employment held in Peking University
            Professor Jiang Ying wins the 2018 Tan Kah Kee Young Scientist Award
            Former French President Francois Hollande visits PKU
            PKU’s 120th Anniversary Gala Concert held in New York
            Final of 2017-2018 PKU “Top Ten Student Singers” singing competition held
            Meet You in the Future: Peking University Open Day held


            [Beijing Forum 2018]Exploring the Future of Higher Education

            The Opening Ceremony of the World University Presidents Symposium and Beijing Forum 2018, hosted by Peking University, highlighted the themes and ideas that the gathering of educators from all of the world would focus on over the weekend. As explained by the host, Peking University Council Chairman Hao Ping, the event included representatives from 44 countries and regions and 130 Chines universities.

          • 关于开展全市大数据人才资源统计的通知(附件下载)
          • 快递暂行条例(征求意见稿)
          • 琼海市石壁食药监所餐饮专项整治工作取得明显
          • 食品生产环节欺诈和虚假宣传整治工作情况统计
          • 3:在KEY登陆


            On March 16, 2018, the latest research findings by Professor Huang Xiaojun, Director of Peking University Institute of Hematology (PKUIH) and Dean of Hematology Department of Peking University People’s Hospital, were published by Blood,the international top journal in hematology ......




            Professor Gao Jiahong elected chairman of the OHBM

            Professor Gao Jiahong elected chairman of the OHBM


            The artistic performance of the 120th anniversary celebration


            History of PKU(1898-2008)

            History of PKU(1898-2008)